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The Gateway Traveler Information System is always trying to improve its services to meet the needs of the driving public. Could you help us out by taking a short survey?

1. How did you hear about the Travel Midwest website?


2. What device(s) do you use to access the Travel Midwest site?



3. Please indicate your five favorite Travel Midwest pages. Indicate your most favorite with a one, your next most favorite with a two, and so on. (You may select fewer than five.) You may click on a page name to see that page in a separate window.



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5. If you do not subscribe to Email Alerts, why not?


6. What new features would you like to see on the Travel Midwest website? (Select all that apply.)


7. Where else do you get traffic information?

When you press "Submit", your survey results will be stored and you will be redirected to the Travel Midwest home page. Thank you for completing the Gateway Traveler Information System user survey.

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