Gateway Traveler Information System Site Policies

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has implemented a revised policy and registration procedure for users to access Gateway Traveler Information System real-time traffic information. This real-time traffic information includes travel time and congestion data, snapshot camera images, dynamic message sign legend information, lane closure and construction information, incident data, and weather station data.

The information provided via this website is currently made available without charge to individuals, organizations and companies. IDOT has the right to discontinue this service for any reason without explanation.

IDOT makes Gateway traffic information available via periodic download of XML data. Individuals, organizations or companies who wish to obtain traffic information may apply for these services by completing the following traffic information access/reuse registration to start the registration process. It is very important that you read and understand the provisions contained in both the registration procedure and the traffic information access/reuse policy.

Gateway Traffic Information subscribers are required to update their account information when it changes, and must update this information at least annually. To do so, please go to (note that the URL begins with "https", not "http"). Then log in by selecting "Login" from the "admin" menu and entering your user name and password in the form that appears. To update your registration information, select the "Update Account" menu item from the "admin" menu. Make any changes necessary on the Traffic Information Access Account Update page and then press the "Update Account" button. You may delete your account if you wish by pressing the "Delete Account" button on that page.

The Illinois Department of Transportation wants this process to be convenient and beneficial to our users. We look forward to serving your current and future traffic information needs.

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