Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Travel Midwest web pages. Each question is a link to the answer below.

1. What is the Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition (GLRTOC)?

2. What is the coverage area of the Travel Midwest Travel web site?

3. Why is the Travel Midwest site unique?

4. Where does the information come from?

5. How does automatic traffic data get to the system?

6. How can I view a map of my preference without zooming and scrolling one of the maps from the "Maps" menu?

7. Why does the travel time and congestion information disappear when there are major construction projects, when we need the information the most?

8. Is the Miles Per Hour (MPH) given the minimum, maximum, or actual speed?

9. How current is the information listed on the website?

10. I see construction indicated on the map, where can I get more information?

11. What is the schedule for the Kennedy reversible lanes?

12. Does the site have driving directions?

13. Does the site include traffic information on arterial streets or other highly traveled roads?

14. Do you have bus and train information in addition to road information?

15. Does your site list airport parking information?

16. What do the road colors on the map mean?

17. Why do some pages look strange or not come up properly?

18. Can I access Travel Midwest information on my PDA or cell phone?

19. Can I get timely traffic information sent directly to me without having to go the web to get it?

20. I thought I signed up for the Traffic Alert System, but I am not receiving anything. What should I do?

21. How do I report a pothole?

22. How do I report debris in the roadway?

23. What should I do if I see an accident or incident on the roadway?

24. What do I do if I have a question or comment on the Travel Midwest site?

25. Can my organization access the Gateway raw data?

26. Is the raw data offered by the Travel Midwest available electronically?

27. How do I know if the travel times I am seeing on one of the highways included in your website are high, low, or average?

28. I would like to evaluate alternative routes to plan my commute or a trip. How can I obtain information about the typical travel times on various routes?

29. How can I tell in which direction an IDOT camera snapshot is taken?

30. Why are the Illinois Tollway congestion levels and travel times sometimes less accurate?

31. What is the source of Chicago arterial congestion data?

32. Why are many Chicago arterial segments not showing congestion information?

33. Is there a way I can get traffic information on my AM/FM radio?

34. I am a subscriber to Gateway Traffic Information and I received an email stating that I must update my account information. What do I do?

35. The incident, construction, and special event icons on the map are rather large when the map is zoomed out. How can I find out exactly where an event is occurring?

36. Where can I get video from a camera I saw along the roadway?

37. What is a moving operation?

38. I didn't see my question. What do I do?

What is the Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition (GLRTOC)?

The Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition (GLRTOC) is a partnership of Great Lakes agencies that collaborates on initiatives that improve cross-regional transportation operations in support of regional economic competitiveness and improved quality of life. The GLRTOC members are agencies that have transportation operations on the major routes connecting Minneapolis to Toronto and include the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, the Indiana Department of Transportation, the Indiana Toll Road Concession Company, the Iowa Department of Transportation, the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Skyway Concession Company, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.


2. What is the coverage area of the Travel Midwest web site?

The Travel Midwest site's coverage area includes the following counties: