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I-65 NB (Indiana)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Medium congestion 101st Ave (-0.2 miles) US-30 (+0.5 miles) 4.1
Light congestion US-30 (+0.5 miles) 61st Ave (+0.3 miles) 3.0
Uncongested 61st Ave (+0.3 miles) 53rd Ave (-0.2 miles) 0.9
Light congestion 53rd Ave (-0.2 miles) 39th Ave 2.6
Medium congestion 39th Ave I-80 (-0.5 miles) 1.7
Light congestion I-80 (-0.5 miles) I-80 (+0.2 miles) 0.7

I-65 SB (Indiana)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Medium congestion I-80 (-0.2 miles) 39th Ave (+0.1 miles) 2.3
Light congestion 39th Ave (+0.1 miles) 61st Ave (-0.5 miles) 3.1
Uncongested 61st Ave (-0.5 miles) 73rd Ave (-0.6 miles) 1.9
Light congestion 73rd Ave (-0.6 miles) 101st Ave (+0.2 miles) 5.4

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