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Updated: Updated: 12/2/23 6:28 AM
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I-88 (Illinois)
camera snapshot for I-294 at I-88
I-294 at I-88 (IDOT)
2 minutes, 30 seconds ago
North South  
camera snapshot for I-355 at I-88
I-355 at I-88 (Illinois Tollway)
9 minutes, 39 seconds ago
East West  
camera snapshot for I-88 at Farnsworth
I-88 at Farnsworth (Illinois Tollway)
2 minutes, 16 seconds ago
East West  
camera snapshot for EB at Farnsworth
EB at Farnsworth (Illinois Tollway)
2 minutes, 14 seconds ago
East West  
camera snapshot for I-88 at Aurora Plaza
I-88 at Aurora Plaza (Illinois Tollway)
5 minutes, 53 seconds ago

Please note: Camera images are accurately date and time stamped to assist you in viewing the current images. IDOT cannot guarantee that all cameras are functioning at all times. Camera images may be unavailable due to factors including weather, hardware and software failures, operator error, and power interruptions. Camera images that have not been updated for more than 30 minutes are not displayed.

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