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Updated: 10/26/14 12:07 AM

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I-80 EB (Regional)
Congestion From To Travel Time (minutes) Average Travel Time (minutes) Distance (miles) Speed (mph)
Uncongested IL-43 (Harlem Ave) I-57 7 N/A 7.4 60
Uncongested IL-43 (Harlem Ave) I-80/294 10 N/A 10.4 58
Uncongested IL-57 I-294 4 N/A 4.0 54
Unknown Congestion I-80 (Bishop Ford) Torrence Ave N/A N/A 2.4 N/A
Unknown Congestion I-80/Bishop Ford State Line N/A N/A 3.9 N/A
Uncongested Hohman Ave In-912 4 N/A 4.8 55
Uncongested Hohman Ave Colorado St 12 N/A 11.9 52
Uncongested Hohman Ave In-51 15 N/A 15.3 53
Unknown Congestion Lake Station South Bend West N/A 50 50.7 N/A
Unknown Congestion Westpoint Eastpoint N/A 150 152.1 N/A
Unknown Congestion South Bend West Middlebury N/A 35 34.8 N/A
Unknown Congestion Middlebury Eastpoint N/A 44 45.7 N/A

I-80 WB (Regional)
Congestion From To Travel Time (minutes) Average Travel Time (minutes) Distance (miles) Speed (mph)
Unknown Congestion Eastpoint Middlebury N/A 43 45.7 N/A
Unknown Congestion Eastpoint Westpoint N/A 8 152.1 N/A
Unknown Congestion Middlebury South Bend West N/A 33 34.8 N/A
Unknown Congestion South Bend West Lake Station N/A 48 50.7 N/A
Uncongested In-51 Hohman Ave 15 N/A 15.3 55
Uncongested Colorado St Hohman Ave 12 N/A 11.9 55
Uncongested In-912 Hohman Ave 5 N/A 4.8 55
Light congestion State Line Torrence Ave 2 N/A 2.1 51
Unknown Congestion State Line I-80/Bishop Ford N/A N/A 4.8 N/A
Uncongested I-294 I-57 4 N/A 3.8 55
Uncongested I-294 IL-43 (Harlem Ave) 10 N/A 10.2 58
Uncongested I-57 IL-43 (Harlem Ave) 7 N/A 7.4 62

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