The Travel Midwest Alerts System

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) announces the availability of the Travel Midwest Alerts System, a free service that provides email notifications of up to date traffic information on user-selected trips along the expressways in the Travel Midwest coverage area. You can define one or more trips using the Travel Midwest Trip Report, and then press the "Email Alerts" button to create an account to receive traffic information along that trip. You can select the email format, the days and times on which you wish to receive alerts, and the type of traffic information you wish to receive for each of your trips. You can also give a period during which alerts will not be sent (e.g., for a vacation) and a speed threshold so that you only receive alerts when the speed is below that value. Once you have created an Alerts System account, you can add, modify, or delete trips and their alert preferences at any time.

To sign up for the Travel Midwest Alerts System, go to the Alerts Registration page. Once you have verified your email address, you can go to the Trip Report page to create a trip, and then press the "Email Alerts" button on that page to add the trip to your account and set your alert preferences for the trip.

For more details on defining trips and registering for email alerts, see Trips and Alerts Help.

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