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I-43 NB (Wisconsin)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Uncongested WI-164 (-0.2 miles) WI-241 15.0
Uncongested 20th St I-94 0.3
Unknown Congestion 13th St (-0.2 miles) 13th St (+0.2 miles) 0.4
Light congestion 13th St (+0.2 miles) Howard Ave (-0.2 miles) 0.7
Uncongested Howard Ave (-0.2 miles) Lapham Blvd 3.0
Light congestion Lapham Blvd WI-59 0.6
Uncongested WI-59 Canal St 0.6
Light congestion Canal St Highland Ave 0.9
Uncongested Highland Ave Walnut St 0.6
Light congestion Walnut St North Ave 0.6
Uncongested North Ave Keefe Ave (-0.2 miles) 1.3
Light congestion Keefe Ave (-0.2 miles) Atkinson Ave 0.3
Uncongested Atkinson Ave Good Hope Rd 4.5
Light congestion Good Hope Rd Good Hope Rd (+0.1 miles) 0.1
Uncongested Good Hope Rd (+0.1 miles) Pioneer Rd 9.1
Unknown Congestion Pioneer Rd Lakefield Rd 1.0
Uncongested Lakefield Rd WI-60 (+0.3 miles) 2.0

I-43 SB (Wisconsin)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Uncongested WI-60 (-0.2 miles) Lakefield Rd 2.0
Unknown Congestion Lakefield Rd Pioneer Rd 1.0
Uncongested Pioneer Rd Greenfield Ave 18.5
Light congestion Greenfield Ave Becher St 0.8
Uncongested Becher St Oklahoma Ave 1.5
Light congestion Oklahoma Ave 20th St 2.4
Uncongested 20th St US-45 5.5
Uncongested I-894 (+0.1 miles) Racine Ave (+0.2 miles) 7.2
Unknown Congestion Racine Ave (+0.2 miles) Crowbar Rd 1.5
Uncongested Crowbar Rd WI-164 (+0.2 miles) 1.9

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