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Congestion Report
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NOTE: A positive offset value represents a location beyond the cross street. A negative offset value represents a location prior to the cross street.

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Lake Shore Drive NB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Uncongested Hayes Dr Hayes Dr 0.1
Light congestion Hayes Dr 57th St 0.8
Unknown Congestion 57th St 57th St (+0.4 miles) 0.4
Uncongested 57th St (+0.4 miles) 57th St (+1.0 miles) 0.6
Unknown Congestion 57th St (+1.0 miles) Oakwood Blvd (-0.4 miles) 1.2
Uncongested Oakwood Blvd (-0.4 miles) Oakwood Blvd (+0.3 miles) 0.7
Unknown Congestion Oakwood Blvd (+0.3 miles) 31st St (-0.3 miles) 0.5
Uncongested 31st St (-0.3 miles) Balbo Dr 2.7
Unknown Congestion Balbo Dr Monroe Dr 0.6
Light congestion Monroe Dr Randolph St 0.4
Uncongested Randolph St Chicago Ave (+0.1 miles) 0.9
Light congestion Chicago Ave (+0.1 miles) Chicago Ave (+0.5 miles) 0.4
Uncongested Chicago Ave (+0.5 miles) Belmont Ave (+0.3 miles) 3.1
Unknown Congestion Belmont Ave (+0.3 miles) Irving Park Rd (-0.3 miles) 0.5
Uncongested Irving Park Rd (-0.3 miles) Bryn Mawr Ave 2.4

Lake Shore Drive SB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Light congestion Bryn Mawr Ave Foster Ave (-0.3 miles) 0.3
Uncongested Foster Ave (-0.3 miles) Irving Park Rd (+0.2 miles) 2.0
Uncongested Belmont Ave (-0.3 miles) Fullerton Pky (-0.2 miles) 1.0
Unknown Congestion Fullerton Pky (-0.2 miles) Fullerton Pky (+0.3 miles) 0.5
Uncongested Fullerton Pky (+0.3 miles) Grand Ave 2.2
Unknown Congestion Grand Ave Lake Shore Lower Dr 0.4
Light congestion Lake Shore Lower Dr Monroe Dr 0.4
Unknown Congestion Monroe Dr Balbo Dr 0.6
Uncongested Balbo Dr Mcfetridge Dr 0.6
Light congestion Mcfetridge Dr 18th Dr (-0.2 miles) 0.4
Uncongested 18th Dr (-0.2 miles) 18th Dr 0.2
Unknown Congestion 18th Dr 18th Dr (+0.4 miles) 0.3
Uncongested 18th Dr (+0.4 miles) 31st St (+0.3 miles) 1.3
Unknown Congestion 31st St (+0.3 miles) Oakwood Blvd (-0.3 miles) 0.4
Uncongested Oakwood Blvd (-0.3 miles) 47th St (-0.3 miles) 1.2
Unknown Congestion 47th St (-0.3 miles) 47th St (+0.4 miles) 0.7
Uncongested 47th St (+0.4 miles) 57th St (+0.4 miles) 0.7
Light congestion 57th St (+0.4 miles) 57th St 0.5
Unknown Congestion 57th St Hayes Dr (+0.2 miles) 0.5
Uncongested Hayes Dr (+0.2 miles) Hayes Dr 0.4

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