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I-88 EB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Uncongested US-30 I-39 (-0.4 miles) 33.9
Light congestion I-39 (-0.4 miles) I-39 (+0.4 miles) 0.8
Uncongested I-39 (+0.4 miles) Shabbona Rd (+0.9 miles) 7.5
Light congestion Shabbona Rd (+0.9 miles) Peace Rd (+0.4 miles) 7.9
Uncongested Peace Rd (+0.4 miles) York Rd (-0.4 miles) 44.1
Unknown Congestion York Rd (-0.4 miles) I-290 1.5
Uncongested I-294 83rd St (+0.2 miles) 0.6

I-88 WB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Unknown Congestion I-290 I-294 0.7
Light congestion I-294 22nd St (-0.4 miles) 1.7
Uncongested 22nd St (-0.4 miles) I-39 (+0.3 miles) 60.1
Medium congestion I-39 (+0.3 miles) IL-251 (+0.3 miles) 2.4
Uncongested IL-251 (+0.3 miles) IL-26 (-0.1 miles) 21.7
Unknown Congestion IL-26 (-0.1 miles) Nelson Rd (+1.6 miles) 9.4
Uncongested Nelson Rd (+1.6 miles) US-30 (+0.1 miles) 0.6

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